OPENING FILM: John Denver Trending

Film Synopsis

Set in a Philippine coastal town of Pandan, Antique, the film centers on the character of a poor 14-year old Grade 8 high school student, John Denver Cabungcal (Jansen Magpusao) of Sta. Ines Catholic High School, who is falsely accused of stealing his classmate’s iPad. He is caught on video brawling with this classmate, and because he’s not exactly a popular kid—and having committed some misdemeanors in the past—this video turns viciously viral in the worst ways.

Special Guest – Mr Alvin Tan

Minister of State
Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
Ministry of Trade and Industry

Short Film

2.0 by Dylan Tan

Rebecca is a top social cloud influencer online who lives hiding her actual life crisis as the daughter born to a poor mother. Being exposed causes her fanbase to plummet. She desperately tries to regain her popularity likes, even going as far as to strip naked online in the “Dark Cloud” to cheat her way into getting more likes just to improve her situation. This makes her neglect her only family that she believes the downfall to be. She only learns the importance of family after discovering what her mother would do for her only daughter.

– Curated by Objectifs –


  • Runtime 95 mins
  • Language Tagalog
  • Subtitle English
  • Genre Drama
  • Rating PG13

Directed By

Arden Rod Condez


Jansen Magpusao, Meryll Soriano, Glen Sevilla Mas

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Panel Talk

Nine out of ten teens today aged 13-17 use a social media platform. In this increasingly digitised and connected world, the internet has created a space online for youths to define their individuality, connect with others and expand their knowledge of the changing world at the touch of their fingers. The internet has undoubtedly become a refuge and a source of comfort for the youths, but it can also be their biggest threat – with cases of cyberbullying on the rise.

Together with our esteemed speakers joining us in the panel discussion, we will focus on how the youths can interact safely in the digital space and how they can interact with others respectfully in a world that is getting increasingly connected.

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