Skid Row Marathon

Film Synopsis

Craig Mitchell, a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, leads the long-distance runner’s club out of the Midnight Mission on Skid Row. They raise spirits and give a sense of purpose to people who are homeless, addicted or coming out of the prison system.

Short Film

Take Me Away by Sun Ji

“Take Me Away” is a 10 mins piece that revolves around Boon, who just served his jail sentence and is desperately looking for a job. Boon holds onto the glimmer of hope that he is able to see his daughter again, only to find out that every step he takes is a struggle against stigmatization

– Curated by Objectifs –

Panel Talk

Do you believe in second chances? When ex-offenders are given a second chance to restart their lives, many set off to make up for their lost time meaningfully. However, some may experience a disconnect with the world that seemingly moved on without them. Apart from catching up with the society, many are also fighting to remove the label that society has placed on them.

In this panel discussion, we invite distinguished speakers to discuss second chances and rediscovery for ex-offenders, and how we can a community can better support their journey.


  • Runtime 85 mins
  • Language English
  • Genre             Documentary
  • Rating NC16

Directed By

Mark Hayes


David Askew, Joan Bys, Rafael Cabrera

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