Still Human

Film Synopsis

A paralyzed and hopeless Hong Kong man meets his new Filipino domestic worker who has put her dream on hold and came to the city to earn a living. These two strangers live under the same roof through different seasons, and as they learn more about each other, they also learn more about themselves. Together, they learn about how to face the different seasons of life.

Short Film

Bangla by Idette Chen

Bangla tells a story about an injured migrant worker who ends up moonlighting at a struggling hawker stall in his desperation to send money home. It is an attempt to shed light on the local-foreigner relationship in Singapore where the two communities co-exist on a tiny red dot for nothing more than a living transaction.

– Curated by Objectifs –


  • Runtime 115 mins
  • Language Cantonese
  • Subtitle English
  • Genre Drama
  • Rating NC16

Directed By

Oliver Siu Kuen Chan


Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, Crisel Consunji, Sam Lee

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Panel Talk

Despite making up a quarter of the Singapore workforce, the pandemic has revealed that migrant workers are one of the most neglected and forgotten working groups of Singapore. With nearly half of the migrant worker population testing positive, many were stranded in their dorms for months with no income. Initially optimistic, many had come to Singapore due to the allure and promise of a better life for their families only to be faced with afflicting uncertainty.

With their dreams to chase and families to support, we explore the idea of home away from home for migrant workers in this panel discussion together with our esteemed guests.