The Specials

Film Synopsis

Bruno takes care of autistic young people, and Malik helps young people with difficult conditions to find their place in life. As Malik’s stray souls help take care of the autistic youth in Bruno’s system, new worlds open up for all of them.

Short Film

White Carnations by Tang Wan Xin

While trying her best to get her son with special needs to a mainstream primary school, a humiliated single mother struggles with her resentments against her only child when he obstructs her plan.

– Curated by Objectifs –


  • Runtime 114 mins
  • Language French
  • Subtitle English
  • Genre  Comedy-Drama
  • Rating NC16

Directed By

Olivier Nakache, Éric Toledano


Vincent Cassel, Reda Kateb, Hélène Vincent

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Panel Talk

1 in 8 people globally are neurodiverse, but fewer than 50% of that population know it. Despite neurodiversity existing throughout human history, it has always been shunned especially in modern society. As our societies globalise, we have to begin shifting our mindsets of people with neurological disorders from that of deficit to diversity and uniqueness. This then allows for an opportunity for the neurodiverse to explore their innate talents and the ways that they can contribute meaningfully to the community.

With experienced speakers and advocates with us on the panel, we explore neurodiversity and what we can learn about happiness from the perspective of the neurodiverse