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Media accreditation enables journalists to register free of charge for the Happiness Film Festival. Applications for media credentials will be accepted by journalists employed by, or working on a freelance basis for, recognised print, broadcast or online media organisations.

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    21 Feb 2019

    World’s First Happiness Film

    Festival Happening from 20-24

    March to Raise Awareness on

    Happiness and Well-being

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    25 Mar 2019

    World’s First Happiness Film Festival Ends with All 10 Events Sold Out, With More than 1,500 Participants

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    11 Dec 2019

    Region’s First Happiness Conference on 20-21 March 2020 With More Than 50 Speakers Sharing Insights About Happiness and Well-Being

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    04 Nov 2020

    An Evolved Happiness

    Conference 2020, now

    Happening from 12 Nov to 6 Dec,

    Fully Virtual and Free to Attend

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